Weekend of love


ladieslove Jen flew into Sacramento on Friday, February 12 and we were fortunate to have her stay with us Friday and Saturday night. I think she felt really safe and cozy in Casey's superhero inspired room. The best part about having a house guest?? You get to have coffee with them in your jammies! Curly fell in love with Jen, he waited outside of her bedroom door every morning. We took Jen on our favorite neighborhood walk. Hearing her laugh at how slow Curly walked, will make me giggle for a long time. Hey, he has really short legs and is 13!

Because Addison was born at 2 in the morning on Saturday, Jen was able to come with us to see her that morning and that was so wonderful.

jenaddisonShe was also able to go to Davis and visit some of her favorite places and to Truckee to enjoy some snow and mountain time with Carina. I was able to squeeze her one last time on Monday night before she left on Tuesday. It is always so hard to say goodbye, Baltimore is so far away.


These kids had a blast playing together this weekend. Love the friendships that are forming with the next generation!


 I am SO grateful for love, family and friends.