Weekend Wrap-Up

Wowza. This weekend slipped by too quickly. Friday night Margery and I went out to eat dinner to celebrate our birthday and we saw Avenue Q in West Sacramento and it was hilarious! While I was out, Casey took a nasty spill on his bike, resulting in a lot of road rash and he punctured the back of his leg pretty badly with his bike pedal. Thankfully, Mama Sue was available to come by and she helped determine that he did not need stitches. Thank you, Sue! Pedar really appreciated your visit!! The next morning we had a volunteer event for Wells Fargo helping a widower with her yard and painting. After that we were off to Old Fair Oaks for Casey's band performance. It was a crazy windy day and it made everyone feel a little crazy. The next morning we woke up and headed to St. John's to celebrate Annika's confirmation. We were honored to become her Godparents 14 years ago, and look at that, next thing we know she is being confirmed!! I need to find that picture of us holding little Annika! The ceremony was beautiful and touching.

After church, we headed over to the Remme's gorgeous home for a delicious brunch. They have done so much to their house since they moved last August! It looks so beautiful!! We had to head out earlier than we would have liked because we needed to work on Casey's state float. He chose North Dakota in honor of Mor Mor's family that emigrated there from Norway. It took awhile but we got it done. Only two more weeks of 7 a.m. band practice for Casey! We are all excited to be done with that schedule. School is out on June 2nd. We are madly figuring out camps and care for the boys. Every Summer I wish I didn't have to be away from the boys so much. I need to make that happen.

I want to send good vibes to Dagny as she starts her first week back to work. I also want to send positive unpacking energy to Carina and Aaron as they unpack into their new home! So exciting!! Good luck to everyone this week! Love and hugs!