Weekend Wrap-up

We just chilled out this weekend and prepared for an overnight field trip for Pedar and Casey and I am in San Diego at a conference. The boys are going on an overnight field trip to Marin Headlands. Pedar was busy this weekend making pasta and packing ice chests for the 83 people on the fifth grade field trip.  Feeling grateful that this is the last big field trip of the year! Saturday we completed some yard work and watched Rita. I am excited to have a few yard projects complete soon. It is hard to relax on the weekends there is so much to do and after three years I'm tired of looking at the mess.

Saturday evening was Mama's Night Out, a benefit for Pediatric Cancer. It was a beautiful evening, lots of tears, hugs and dancing. I ran into several friends and was able to spend a bit of time with Erin and Kelly. Pedar and the boys had Kealii and Kekoa over for dinner and bike riding.

We dropped by Dagny and Dean's on Sunday to give her some birthday love and we finally got an Addison fix! I was able to hold her during a short nap and it was heaven. Hope everyone has a great week!