Weekend Wrap-Up


What a wonderful weekend! From start to finish, it was a happy one. I worked in Erik's classroom on Friday and I loved getting to know the second graders better. That evening we hung out with friends and the next day I enjoyed a gorgeous day at Bogle winery celebrating Jenna's birthday! It was great to be with all the ladies and catch up, although we missed our Jen. cj




Later that evening we had Casey's friend over and the boys decided to camp out in the backyard. There were up super early, but they had a ton of fun. The next day Erik had a couple of his buddies over and they had a great time playing on the new skateboard ramp that Pedar built. I need to take some video of the new ramp! It is awesome!

img_8825 img_8821

The weather is finally getting cooler this week. We are so excited to maybe welcome some rain!!! WOOT WOOT!