Weekend Wrap-Up


Last week I chaperoned Casey's sixth grade class to San Francisco. It was also Hospital Week at work. I worked Monday and was out on the trip until Friday. I cannot wait to share details of the trip. It was a great experience. On Friday night, Pedar and I celebrated Mark's  "Janet Jackson" themed 50th Birthday! It was so great. We danced the night away.


We love you, Mark!


On Saturday, it was go time to start fence building. A storm in January took out our neighbors tree and it fell on our fence. I thought we were going to hire someone to build a fence, but while I was away in San Francisco, Pedar took my car in to get the A/C and other little things fixed, $1300 later... we are building the damn fence ourselves.


We are going to use this cattle gate (our house came with two!) to build the new gate!

Casey learned how to use the sawzall! I loved removing this ugly fence from around the shed. I have hated it for almost four years!


Erik learned how to use a socket-wrench.


On Saturday we got a lot of the prep-done for the fence. The boys helped us clean-up the area and create a dump pile.  I love getting rid of old wood and crap that just collects around the house. We got pretty far on the fence on Saturday. Casey had a friend stay over that night, so we all just hung out. It was a gorgeous day. On Sunday morning we went to the dump. I live a glamorous life. #IMSOFANCY


We thought our paver project around the pool was going to get started on Monday, so we removed some of the pool-fence and cleared a path for the equipment. Unfortunately, the rain has put off the contractor, so it will be a few more weeks for that to start. I cannot wait to not have to mow the damn lawn by the pool. It makes such a mess.


Later on in the day the boys went to the grocery store. I enjoyed a quiet house. Pedar and boys made me a delicious salmon dinner. Erik created a path of notes to his gift and Casey wrote the sweetest message in a card. Both boys hugged me and told me they loved me all day. I am an incredibly lucky lady. I have a super loving and wonderful husband and two fantastic boys. And of course a fur friend that melts my heart. I'll be saying Thank You forever.