What is your good news?


This question demands you to think of something good that has happened to you recently. It makes you focus on the positive. I like it. A lot of yucky stuff can happen in a day, but I bet some good stuff happened too. This is just a way to train our brains to notice the good things. Here, I'll go first. My good news is that I reached out to someone about landscaping and asked if they would be willing to let me shadow them and he said Yes! We had coffee yesterday and got to know one another. I am excited about using my current skills to help his business. But, I am more excited to watch how he makes some magic happen in the dirt!  Who knows if I'll even like it, but at least now I'll know for sure if this hobby of mine could be something more.

MORE GOOD NEWS: I've had a green smoothie every morning this week. I made a meal menu and am sticking to it this week!! I love knowing what we are eating as a family. My workload is crazy but I like the work! I am doing better about exercise this week. I finished an awesome book, LOVE WARRIOR. My friend Jen is coming to visit next month from Baltimore and I can't wait to hug her. Pedar and I have a date night planned this Saturday.

SHARE YOUR GOOD NEWS!!! Share a smile. Share a laugh. Share a song. Share a dance. Share some joy!