When you know your why, your what has more impact!


This recurring message of knowing WHY you want something has been simmering in my brain for awhile now. I've read this message in books, articles and heard it in podcasts. In short, when we make to do lists and set goals, we know what we want to do. But, if we don't take the time to understand WHY we want it, than it is just another item on our list, just another goal to reach. I know I need to exercise regularly for many good reasons.  But why I want to exercise is much more than because it is on my list of things I should be doing. I love feeling strong. I love seeing muscles develop on my body. I love how happy I feel after I work out. I love feeling confident. I love taking care of myself. I am worth the time. I love showing my family that making the time to take care of my health is important. That is my why.

This video explains the difference of what versus why beautifully. It is only three minutes long. A man is asked to sing a song he knows very well. He knows WHAT to sing and does it effortlessly, but without much emotion. He then is asked to sing it again, but this time to sing it with a reason, a WHY. The difference in how he sings this song is beautiful.

I want to live like how he sings the song the second time, with meaning and raw emotion. I'm looking for more than a nice life. I'm looking to have an amazing, passion filled, loud conversations, soul flying, heartbreaking awesome life. I'm looking for real. I'm making it happen.