Why do I sign up for this stuff?


Earlier this year I was asked to help with a county fair wheelbarrow garden project for Erik's class. I thought I would just be helping plant some seeds in a wheelbarrow and maybe deliver it to the county fair. It turned out to be a much bigger project that I thought. We had to plant the beet, carrot, romaine, radishes and seeds, according to the schedule and track their progress. We had to bring it home during Spring Break to care for it. The kids had to take a pre-test to see what they knew about gardening, then they had to journal and created artwork. Next we had to create a display board and put all the documents into a binder. Oh and the wheelbarrow had to be decorated in very specific ways and follow the darn theme. I am very grateful to Reyana for decorating the wheelbarrow!!!  In a mad dash to the finish, I created the poster board display and organized all the documents and findings in a binder. We finally delivered the wheelbarrow yesterday to the county fair. Why do I sign up for these things?

Erik was asked by his friends to try out for the talent show. So last week after work I hosted a rehearsal and helped the kids put together a little routine. They auditioned and GOT IN on Friday. Looking forward to the last day of school to see these cutie pies perform!!

And because I need to show you how sweet Erik is to Curly, here you are! Almost everyday Erik gives Curly a back rub. What a sweetheart!!!