This is exactly how I feel


After I spend time outside, is when I feel closest to God. I don't need a place to go to talk to God. We chat all the time. My lowest moments don't happen on Sunday's. They happen in the shower, when I am finally alone or in my car. And my connection to God is wide open in those moments. I have trouble connecting to all the rituals, rules and traditions of church. I connect to prayer, awareness of others and a wild curiosity about faith. I believe MOST in kindness- which is what I think it means to be spiritual. To be loving and compassionate is a practice.

I am grateful to Pope Francis for putting into words what I feel in my heart. Nature is my church.

This weekend I hiked around Ancil Hoffman, twice. The first time was on Saturday with my soul sister Lara. We planned on going to the Women's March, but after talking, we found what we really wanted, was time to connect and we found that on our hike. We are learning to listen to what we need, and I am so glad we did.

I went back to the park with Pedar and the boys on Sunday. We walked the three miles and enjoyed the sunshine and everything the beautiful park had to offer.  I left feeling replenished and loved.

My wish for you this week is to feel loved and energized.