Potato Bush

I started experimenting with gardening,  also known as killing plants, over 15 years ago. I would question the people at the nursery and read a bit about our zone and what plants survive in Sacramento. I also just started noticing what survives around town and the same plants kept turning up. If a plant can live in a parking lot in Sacramento, after 12 days of over 100-degree weather, that plant is a keeper. Buy that one!

The Blue Potato Bush is a great plant friend. I planted it at Oxbow but took it out, because I didn't give it enough space. I always overplanted back in the day. I still tend to do it. 

I planted it next to the driveway four years ago and it is so beautiful now. I feed it Miracle-Gro about twice a year. You do have to feed your plants. I repeat, feed your plants. I fill up a big bucket with water and Miracle-Gro and give my plant friends a treat about two or three times a year.

The space that this potato bush is planted, is less than 20 inches deep. I have trimmed it every year so it will grow taller, rather than wider. I love that it reaches the windows. The purple flowers attract bees, humming birds and butterflies. If you need something that will grow about 6 feet tall and wide and you don't mind trimming a little bit, this plant is your friend!