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If you give Nora new patio furniture, she will want a sanded/stained deck to go with it....

One day I looked at the patio furniture on our deck and realized I couldn’t look at it anymore. Our neighbors on Oxbow put it out for free in 2004 and I painted it and stuck some patio cushions on it. I was done looking at it, so I finally bought this set on Wayfair. I put our old set on Facebook Marketplace for Free and it was gone within the hour. I love giving stuff away to people that want it! Hurrah!

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The damn bridge

The previous owners of our house built a bridge that led to the pool. We think they maybe tried to have a Koi Pond under the bridge, but we will never know. The entire yard was so darn scary. We jack-hammered the concrete under the pond so I could plant it up. Four years ago I planted hydrangeas and today they are glorious. I spent way too much of my damn precious time painting the damn bridge. It peeled and a lot of the wood was rotting.

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