Leg pains

Erik has been waking up with leg pains lately. He wakes up in terrible pain and I have to rub them and I beg him to take some Tylenol, but at 1:30 a.m., he doesn't want it, he just wants me to rub. I sneak out of his room when he falls asleep. I crawl back into bed and find that most times I am wide awake. Ugh.
It's going to be a sleepy day. We have baseball for Erik tonight.
Erik is having a good time at T-ball, but Casey hasn't had the best experience. I'm glad he's played these last four years, but this may be the last. He's going to need to love a sport in order for the entire family to sacrifice our time and energy. I get the importance of learning teamwork and social skills-- but there a lot of choices to consider and I want Casey to have a taste of a lot of activities. 

I don't have any false beliefs that my sons will be professional athletes. I want to focus on his strengths. He has a great positive attitude. He listens to his coaches. He does what he is asked. He runs really fast. He is quick to smile and tell his teammates they did a good job. These personality traits will take him far.

Pedar and I didn't have much of a sports experience growing up and I'm pretty proud of what we continue to accomplish and how well we play with others. We are not going to spread our time crazy thin for sports. Time is so thin already. My family needs dinner together, walks around the block and hours of play in the backyard before anything else.