Angel Island

We are so lucky to be an aunt and uncle to four nieces and a nephew. Yesterday, we were able to go along for Liam's 7th birthday experience to Angel Island and it was awesome. A lot of my friends and family are choosing to give their kids/nieces/nephews/grandchildren a birthday experience, rather than a gift and I think it's awesome. I mean, can you remember what you bought someone for Christmas? I can barely remember and that is the point.  

With my nieces in Oregon, we have been giving college money for their birthdays and Leif and Sierra do this for our boys too. We love it.
We met everyone at the ferry in Tiburon in the morning and took the 15 minute ride to Angel Island to climb Mt. Livermore. We completed the 6 mile hike and the kids had a blast! Erik was an awesome hiker!
Nana and Pop came too. After we arrived and had lunch, they entertained Lila as the rest of us went on the hike. We had a beautiful day. We made memories with Liam that I hope he never forgets. 
We got home a little before 7 p.m. We had the best day. It was so nice to be away from our crazy allergy weather as well. What a treat San Francisco air is after suffering with allergies!