Glorious sleep

Casey went to a birthday/sleepover last night so Erik got some needed 1:1 attention. My dear friend Lara came over and we had a great time in the pool.

Earlier in the day Pedar and I FINALLY moved the decomposed granite pile! No more piles in the driveway. We also started cleaning/making a huge donation pile from the boys rooms. Feeling pretty good about the pounds lost from our house!
We checked in on Erik last night and found him sleeping like this!! Crazy little cutie!

Last week I was sitting in my office daydreaming about seeing Wicked. I was seeing all these folks on Facebook check into the show. Pedar and I saw it once and loved it but we really can't spend the money right now. My friend Jill was in the office and I said,"I'm going to put it out into the universe that I want a free ticket to see wicked. Someone is going to offer to take me."

Less than three hours later, my Aunt Laura emails me and tells me that my cousin Robbie has an extra ticket for today at 2 p.m. and would I like to go? Yes!!! My wish came true!!! So, after a bit of cleaning today I will be headed out to see Wicked!! Woo Hoo!!!