Dance more, worry less.

This weekend started with some fun with the Ray's. We got to hear all about their new classes. They are both teachers and our kids had a great time swimming and playing. It was a wonderful way to wrap a very long week.

The next morning we got going on some chores.We picked up a full sized bed from my parents for Margie and Rita's room and moved the boys beds into their now shared room. I moved Casey's desk and bookcase into our room and donated a ton of books and other small items. I guess I didn't purge as much as I thought when we moved a year ago. It is amazing the amount of dust and crap that accumulates in less than a year.
The boys shared room. They love it!!
Margie and Rita's room. Just need to pick-up a toddler bed from my friend and move Erik's clothes out and this room is ready!! I actually wrote Margery and thanked her for making us get organized. Our house feels cleaner and calmer. I am SO grateful.

That evening we had more friends over for pizza and pool time. We had the best time visiting and dancing. Did you know that Just Dance game is on YouTube? We had the BEST time dancing Saturday night. The boys danced most of Sunday morning too!

Sunday morning we were all moving a little slower. I was supposed to run six miles, according to my half marathon training for Urban Cow. I managed three miles. After I got back from my short run, Erik and I worked on his homework and then we just did some small chores around the house.
Pedar painted and hung this mirror this weekend, I found it at Ross for under $60. We haven't had a full length mirror in our new place and I've grown tired of asking Pedar to take a picture of my backside to show me how I look in pants! The mirror looks great in the hallway! We love it. Oh and Pedar loves the new paint sprayer we bought awhile back. Now I just need to learn how to use it.
Pedar also painted a piece of wood and added hooks for our new backpack area near the laundry room. I took down the calendar that used to be above it (never used it) and ordered two more mail/documents bins. Feeling organized for paperwork and backpacks!
This time next week Rita and Margery will be with us. We are so excited!