We are ready!

Other than a few of my dresses in Erik's old closet, Margery and Rita have an empty closet for their stay. I received a ton of beautiful hand me down clothes for Rita from friends. I'm so grateful. Josh and Jen donated the toddler bed frame and Nana bought the mattress. I picked up a toddler chair and some suppy cups. We feel ready! We pick them up tonight after midnight!! I got really emotional today when I was setting up their room. I've missed them so much. I've been worried. I'm just so grateful that they will be here soon.
The boys have settled into their shared room beautifully. They are so excited to spend time with Rita and Margery.

Pedar and I moved Casey's desk and bookcase into our room while Margie and Rita are staying. It will work for now. 
Tonight were having dinner with friends and then Pedar and I are going to go out for a bit and waste time till we have to go to he airport. Nana and Papa are hang with the boys till we come back. I think I might raise my glass to my super hunky hubby. It's his birthday on Monday, after all. He is just as excited as I am to have Rita and Margery arrive. I am so lucky to have such a generous and loving husband who is willing to open his home and heart to family. 

I can't wait to take video of Rita and show you!! Have a great night everyone!! I'm counting down the hours!!
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