Your homework is to get your happy on

With school starting and all, I want to give us a homework assignment.

Assignment: I want you to make a list of FIVE things that you can do almost daily, that make you happy. This list could have  anything on it. You can list food, music, people, pets, places, activities--whatever--just list it.  I want you to post it somewhere you will see it everyday. But looking at it isn't enough, is it? Nope. Now I want us, because I'm doing it as well, to complete 3 out of the 5 items every single day. The goal of this list is to bring more happy into our lives. Is it so we realize we are in charge of our happy. We can make it happen.

Here is a bit of my happy list. Not sure what five I am going to choose, just wanted to share. Good Luck! You can do this!! 

1. Sing in the car really loudly
2. Exercise
3. Dance
4. Work in the garden
5. Organize and clean the house (this makes me happy!!)
6. Have breakfast with Pedar before kids wake up. 
7. Walk Curly
8. Listen to music
9. Sing to the boys
10. Watch funny videos
11. Hug boys for longer than two minutes
12. Kiss and hug Pedar for longer than two minutes
13. Read a good book for 15 minutes
14. Go to bed at a healthy time