Full moon kind of week

Really excited about getting out to exercise tomorrow. I feel like running to Maine and back to rid myself of some of my angst. Chips and wine are not helping me feel better about anything. The label should read: Contents will not help you feel better about anything. Eat a salad. Drink some water. Call a friend. Go for a walk. Lift some weights. Take a nap. Say a prayer. Help someone else. Go ahead and cry. Don't mask the pain. Feel it. Address it. Move through it.
Thinking of how I will make it up to my husband for stressing him out this week. I don't handle certain situations as well as I should. I am going to work on being better. I want to be better. I'm sorry.
It definitely has been a full moon kind of week. Let's all be a little kinder to ourselves and to one another, OK?