Lead with compassion

It is SOO easy to talk about how others should be living, working and being. Do I really think I have it all figured it out? Do I really know WHY someone made the choices they made? Do I really know what's happening inside their heads or hearts? Shouldn't I stop my righteous ways and place myself in their shoes before I jump to a conclusion? Can I not be more compassionate? Even if I disagree that they maybe/should of/or could have chosen differently? 
Yeah, I'm speaking from experience. And yeah, this past month has been hard. Have you lived as an adult with your sibling? Can you imagine all the shit that has come up?  
Being a twin is really hard. We were compared to one another, and still are, endlessly. "She's prettier, smarter, taller, kinder, funnier, cooks better, etc." Every time we meet people for the first time, something like the above is said. People say the screwiest things to twins and about twins. No fucking wonder we fight. Because we are more alike than anyone else on this earth, I think when we make different choices, it is even harder to accept.  In a sick way, I think we want to be more like one another--and we are very different women. But we are both wonderful and kind women. My way, is only right for me. Even if we think we know someone, we really don't. We really only know ourselves. Being loving and compassionate means putting my agenda down. I just want my sister to know she is loved. I love you, Margery. We're going to be OK. We started this fun ride together, let's just keep on trucking.