Congratulations Pedar!

I need to take a moment to share Pedar's awesome news with you. As most of you know, Pedar has worked for ten years for Wells Fargo. He worked in Marketing for most of that time, and since July he has worked in Community Relations for the Northern California team, as the Assistant Vice President, Community Development Officer.

Did you notice the Assistant Vice President part? YEP! That just happened. This announcement went out last week:

Recognition is an important part of the Wells Fargo culture, and in the spirit of this, we have completed the process for the semi-annual GCR officer title review; I am pleased to share with you the Community Relations team members who are receiving well-deserved new officer titles. Our entire team is comprised of talented, experienced, passionate and committed professionals, all guided by our team’s vision to be a catalyst for the prosperity, growth, and stability of all our communities. We strive to earn the trust of each of our communities in a way that reflects Wells Fargo’s role as one of America’s leading socially responsible companies. 

Please join me in recognizing the following team members for their scope of responsibilities, professional expertise, sustained performance, leadership, and commitment to Wells Fargo’s Vision & Values.

Assistant Vice President: Pedar Bruce – Sacramento, California: Pedar counts on 16 years of marketing and brand reputation experience, including nine years at Wells Fargo. Although Pedar has only been a member of the Community Relations family for two months, he has been supporting our team’s efforts for nearly a decade.  In his previous role as a Marketing Consultant, Pedar worked closely with our Sacramento Community Development Officer to maximize community relationships and to enhance our reputation. 

And then TODAY, his new boss sent out this announcement:
Good Morning Everyone,
I'm pleased to let you know that, today, Pedar Bruce celebrates 10 wonderful years at Wells Fargo.  Congratulations Pedar and thank you for a spending the last decade with us.
In a letter to Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt once wrote, "It is fun to be in the same decade with you."  And in that same spirit, Pedar, we look forward spending the next decade with you...having fun, strengthening our communities and helping families succeed financially. Again, Congratulations on this very special milestone.

I'm so proud of Pedar. He has worked so hard. It is SO AWESOME to see him receive this recognition. Woo Hoo!!