Shop at night, yo!

When school is out for the boys, I turn into a driving machine.
I drive the boys to Rosemont to my Mom's most mornings and then I drive to Natomas for work, and then one of us picks up boys and then we finally get home, but of course during the Holiday's (yeah--they're here!!) we need to run errands most evenings, because of course we do.
So, last night, after picking up boys and making them go to Ross and T.J. Maxx with me, we finally got home. I like bringing them with me on errands, because that is the real world. We need to buy things and we have to wait in line and we need to build our patience tolerance!! Anyhoo, we got home, ate dinner (thanks Pedar!) and then we made our Thanksgiving food list and I got my tired butt UP and drove to Raley's.
But guess what? Going to the grocery store at 8 p.m. is awesome!!! It was nice and quiet and the aisles were mostly empty. I got a great parking spot too! I got home by  9 p.m. Boys were in bed and I was less anxious knowing that I could go to work today and one more chore was done.

I want everyone to have a good week. I know everyone has a lot going on. Please take care of yourself. Be extra gentle with yourself and your family and friends.