Be more like Rudolph

We bought a ping pong table during the Thanksgiving break. We absolutely love it!  Tonight after dinner we had a family game. 
Look who showed up today!! Buddy, the Elf!! He will be hanging around to make sure the boys are being good. He will report to Santa about their behavior!

We broke down and got an artificial tree this year. Emigh Hardware had an amazing deal and last year our real tree was dead before Christmas!

We decorated Saturday and Sunday. We moved Margery and Rita on Sunday to a new cute basement apartment. The boys were super patient while we moved her. Even though it rained, it wasn't too bad. Grateful to Nana for watching Rita so we could move Margery without her clinging to her tired Mama.
Thankfully, her mattresses stayed dry. We got home and got a bit of the outdoor lights on the house.