Parent fail no.789

It took me close to an hour to get home from work tonight. I just LOVE holiday traffic, don't you? Pedar was at the King's game with his team having a holiday celebration. My Mom was at my house with the boys. My plan was to make dinner, watch a show, clean the house a bit, wrap some presents, and get them to bed early. I got through the door about 5:40 p.m. and Erik says, "Mom, my Christmas performance is tonight at 6:30 p.m., what time is it?" 

I said, "Your what?!" 

"You know, my singing show!" said Erik. 

Umm, No. I don't know. I quickly went online and found that yes, on the Mission calendar it said kindergarten performance tonight at 6:30 p.m. How do I not know about this event?

I am driving tomorrow for a field trip for Erik's class. I have been getting emails all week confirming I can drive three kids, one parent etc, etc. But nothing about the Christmas show TONIGHT has EVER come across my email! I looked in his homework folder for a note. Nothing! This is when NOT working in the classroom and not being a parent that picks up and talks to teachers SUCKS.  We drop off, but I guess conversations don't happen in the morning!! After school they go to Discovery Club and I don't get to chit chat with anyone after school. Whatever.  It is my fault. I should have known. I should have known.
"OK then," I said. "Let's get you in some performance ready clothes! Casey, pack us some snacks!"

My Mom saw the look of stress on my face and volunteered to tag along. Thanks, Nana! I got Erik changed and everyone in the car in ten minutes. Nana and Casey snagged us three good seats and I took Erik to his class. I wanted to call Pedar and say, "Oh man, Erik's performance is tonight honey!" But there really was no time. I had to keep moving. I always need to keep moving. I just want to sit down and sleep for nine days, but I can't! 

I will stop whining now. It was an adorable event. I felt incredibly lucky to belong to such a sweet school, even though communication could be WAY better!!

Afterwards, I took the kids to get something to eat, said goodbye to Nana and finally let Pedar know, via text, that he missed Erik's performance.
Pedar was sad. He would have left the game early. Erik was sad that Pedar wasn't at this show too. Ugh. But, just like the rest of my day, I need to keep moving. So I bathe kids, get them in their jammies and finally Pedar comes home. Erik and Pedar watch the videos of his show together. All is OK.
I vow to be more hyper-aware of dates. I think I am organized and then a day like today happens. I am floundering. I am barely keeping anything together. I am failing. Nothing like the Holidays to make  me feel like an unorganized, chaotic mess in my personal life and work. I just want to crawl into bed and hide. I just want some MORE F*$%ing time!!!!! I need some time!!!!!