Project clean slate

Since we moved in over a year ago, I've been worried about this side yard. We had to have our house tented for termites before we moved in, and I have been afraid that this side yard is where they have been living. We finally were able to hire someone to come and remove the crazy tree stumps just lying on the ground and the small trees that are now crazy huge.

After!! Can you FEEL the light that is now able to shine on this yard?!! Our neighbors yard will have a ton more light now too!
The stump that had small trees growing out of it was a walnut tree. We still need to rent a stump grinder, but is is so much better.
Beautiful, clean side yard, I love you. I can't get started on most things until I create a clean slate. I can visualize a kitchen garden over here now. Can't wait to work on it with the kids this Spring.
So grateful to say goodbye to the overgrown mess. Feeling less anxious about termites now.