Sacramento Santa Parade

My company, Western Health Advantage, jumped in at the last minute with a large donation to save the Sacramento Santa Parade. So, of course that meant we needed to activate our sponsorship and be in the parade!! This morning, I met a few awesome coworkers downtown to do just that! Our talented Community Relations Manager had decorated the WHA van and ordered peppermint patties for us to hand out. 

We were ready. And then, the news crew wanted to talk to someone from WHA and Mark didn't want to, so I was interviewed. Looking at the pictures Pedar took of me at the parade, I probably look just as sleepy. Hopefully my answers sound better than I looked. 
It was super fun handing out candy to the kids and it was awesome hearing all the thank you's from parade spectators!
Erik's classmate Piper was in the parade and when she saw him she ran to him and wrapped in a huge hug. So sweet! 
Piper, you are awesome!!!
Awesome Mark and Jodie!!
I was super excited to see Rita, Pedar, Erik, Casey and Margery!!
We ran out of candy right at the end! It was so much fun making kids smile all morning!!
Rita got a bear!!
The boys had a great time.
Rita does NOT like characters!
These cyclists were very cool. The weather was so perfect today!

We made a fantastic memory this morning!!