I want to be a life traveler

I haven't traveled much in ten years. We have camped a little and visited family in Oregon and around the Bay. We've gone to the Happiest Place on Earth a couple times, but we haven't gone to all the places we said we would back in the day when we were young and naive and didn't understand mortgage payments, fixer upper houses, daycare costs and Paid Time Off. 

But on my drive to work today, I was thinking about an upcoming travel I am going to do this May to witness two people, who thought they may never find someone to spend their life with, get married. It made me realize that I may not be currently traveling to far off places, but I have been a witness to so much beauty.

Beautiful life moments: We watched Dagny and Dean get married this summer. I will never forget the looks of pure joy on their faces. We watched Erik learn to ride his bike. Casey became a rock climber and beat boxer. We welcomed Margery and Rita into our home for a month and loved seeing them every day. We watched our cousin Bob run his first half marathon. We've witnessed friends and family grapple with unpleasant health diagnoses with grace and courage. We cried at funerals, danced at weddings and held new babies. Several friends have gone through divorce and exited braver and stronger.We surprised our neighbors by jumping in their pool with our clothes on and thankfully they didn't mind! The boys thought we were crazy and I hope they always do. 

I don't want to LIVE for a special trip or vacation. I want to be a life traveler. I want to remember to OPEN MY EYES and see the beauty of life enfolding in front of me every single day. 
I am a witness to this beautiful life.

And because I have this song on repeat for most of the day, I have to share it with you. Hope you take a moment to REALLY dance to this song. You know what I mean by REALLY!