How is your heart doing?

My friend asked me how my heart was doing recently and I just loved her question. 

How is your heart doing? Is it feeling hopeful and happy? Is it light and easy? It is feeling heavy and sad? 
 I hope you are not laying in bed and thinking about what didn't/isn't working well. I do that sometimes and then I can't sleep. I hope you're not beating yourself up for not doing/completing/being--you name it. 

Instead of replaying yucky moments over and over and over and over- how about we lay in bed and think about the good times we've had and the good times we want to have? Maybe that will help us recall what we were doing at the time of happiness so we can work on bringing that good feeling back? How about we allow ourselves a few moments to dream. To really allow our brains to picture the beautiful life that we really want. Isn't that better? Maybe by allowing ourselves a chance to dream we will realize what we need to do to make our hearts feel lighter and happy. 
No one can do this work for us. No one can help me prioritize my life or change my thoughts. I have to do it. We are in charge of our hearts. We are in charge of making our lives as lovely as possible. Let's all do what we need so we can be as happy as we can, everything is riding on it.