Pool makeover

Here she is, our money pit. She is getting some much needed work done. The previous owners put fiberglass over the plaster and it is peeling. The tile is peeling off as well. We have a hole where once there was a pool light, so we will be fixing that as well.
We would love to be able to put in more concrete paths around the pool, maybe build a pergola, but we have blown our budget on the pool repairs. We will beautify this area someday. Feels a little wrong to be fixing a pool during this horrible drought. We are praying for rain and snow.
The pool guys showed up early this morning and got busy!
Here she is!
While the guys were jackhammering, we took a hike around Ancil Hoffman park. We had to get away from the chaos that was happening in the backyard.

And because spending a ton of money makes me feel overwhelmed, I wanted to work on something that we could complete. I was jealous of Pedar cutting down the monster bush. Dragging branches into a trailer is not as much fun! I knew it was time I learned how to use a chainsaw! Pedar gave me a quick lesson and I took on some little trees in our front yard. It was fun and easy! We have a lot of darn privets in the backyard that need to be cut down. 

The clean up part always takes twice as long as cutting the darn things down. Oops. I get a little carried away when I'm playing in the yard. It was a busy but good day. We have a ton to do, but I am excited about cleaning up the yard so we can begin making some plans on how we are going to get our place looking a lot better!!