Plan for tomorrow. Plan for what you want!

On Saturday my friend made this statement, "Make room in your life for change." I have heard something like it before, but it clicked more this time. We all get busy with our routine. We have to make room and set aside the time to make plans so change happens. We can't keep doing the same thing and expect different results. 

If I want to eat healthier, I have to print new recipes and bring a grocery list so I stop buying the same tired groceries. 

If I want to feel more secure financially, and feel better about the boys college and our retirement, I have to make a plan and work towards it.  

If I want a different relationship with a friend, or family member, I have to change the set-up. I have to try something new. I don't have to drag us through the mud to get there, I just have to ask for what I need and want and hope for the best. 

Time will keep moving forward whether or not I make a plan. I need to be more aware of the decisions I make everyday. Every decision creates my current life.

Cheers to looking forward, planting seeds and making plans.