Wonderful weekend

This weekend was so wonderful. I didn't expect it to be because Pedar was feeling really sick Friday, but after starting Flonase, he felt 100% better!! I am sitting here feeling like I had a mini vacation. We made amazing meals everyday. We slept in. We hiked at Ancil Hoffman park. 

We made the yards a bit lovelier. Casey had a play-date that spilled over to dinner with his folks and these parents are so wonderful. What a heart warming evening. The boys went swimming and their lips turned blue, but they loved it! I cleaned our closets and donated a ton of clothes. We cleaned and dusted. Pedar and Casey's allergies have been so bad. We're desperate to remove as much dust as possible. The house feels happier, but it is probably just me.

Our neighbor put in this fence earlier this year and trimmed all of the rose bushes. We don't like the fence she put up, but she did us a favor by trimming the roses. We weeded and cleaned them up some more this weekend. They hadn't been touched for years and the weeds were terrible. I think next year we will roses to enjoy again. We are going to plant butterfly bushes behind them (block the fence) and artemisia in front. They are both drought tolerant and lovely. I can't wait to plant!!

Hope you all had a restorative weekend as well. Hope this week makes your heart smile too!