Open House. Teddy Bear Picnic

On Friday I went on a field trip with Erik's class. We all walked to Mission North Park to enjoy a Teddy Bear (or whatever stuffed animal friend you want to bring) Picnic. It was very sweet and I loved spending time with the parents that I will be with for years to come!
Later that evening, we went to Mission Avenue's Open House. I love seeing the kids artwork and projects and I enjoy going into the next years classrooms and making the kids introduce themselves to their future teachers. Erik's drawing was the only with an animal pooping. We're so proud.
I love these couches! We now have two! The kids make them in kindergarten. Erik's couch is the blue one. He included Curly. Casey's is the red couch.
Casey's boot drawing.
Pedar and Mrs. McClain, Erik's teacher. We ADORE her.
Before Open House, Mor Mor and Pop Pop came over for dinner and we showed them our selfie stick! A little blurry, but a really good time!
Because Casey is part of student leadership he helped serve pizza at Open House. We're so proud of Casey. He has served his role as Commissioner of Publicity really well. He introduced himself to the fifth grade teachers and they both mentioned that they recognized him from student leadership.
Casey's artwork at Open House. A little disturbing but great drawing none the less.
On Saturday we celebrated Nana's 65th Birthday! The kids were swimming and having a great time so I forgot to get pictures!
The pool is open and the boys are loving it! We're hoping to get Erik a few lessons soon. He just needs to learn some key strokes. He fell out of a large raft at our neighbors house this weekend and panicked. That was sad to see. We need to help him feel more confident.
One picture from Saturday. The kids had a great time! On Sunday I went on a hike with Lara and we had a great lunch. And then later that evening a bunch of Mission families got together for dinner. It was a great evening. It was over so quickly. Hope you have plans to have a great week!!! Pedar and Casey leave for Yosemite for a week on Monday, so they are rushing around preparing. Sadly, it looks like it may be REALLY cold when they are there. Oh well, layers and layers for the win!!