Rita pita

Rita has been spending more time with us this past week. Margie is preparing for her one-woman show on April 25, so we get to watch Rita while she practices. Rita Pita has grown so much in the past seven months. Her words are still a blend of English and Lithuanian, we love her chatter no matter what. She knows what she is trying to say, we will just hope we understand soon.
Rita is a strong-willed little lass, but she can also be really mellow. Can you guess what she is telling me in this picture? "NO!!!"  She did not want to get off the big wheel. Thankfully a bubble bath helped cheer her up.

I forgot what eating with a two-year-old can be like. Not much sitting actually happens. More like she takes three bites and wiggle wiggles the rest of the meal. Look at the boys faces!! Ha ha ha!
She tries to do everything the boys do.