Angel Island

On Friday morning Erik and I drove to Tiburon to take the ferry to Angel Island.

Four years ago Pedar and I went on this adorable field trip with Casey. Pedar just took a week off for Yosemite, so he couldn't join us, we missed him but it was good for Erik to see that Mom doesn't need Dad on hikes. Mom can read a map and get to the top just like Dad.

We hiked to the top of Mt. Livermore with Sam and his Mom. Poor Sam fell pretty hard  and scraped his knee, but he was a brave little trooper and just kept hiking as his knee bled.

It was foggy at the top, but after we ate lunch and headed down the mountain, the sun came out!
Erik is a great hiker. He never complains and skips the entire way up and the runs the entire way down!
The sun came out for our last hour on the island. It was a gorgeous day!

Happy Hiker

We love you Mrs. McClain. Thank you for a great kindergarten year!!

We are ready to have a great day on Angel Island with Erik's class!!