Embrace the chaos

I bought myself this little four-by-four-inch art square for my office from the UC Davis Hospital gift shop. There are all kinds of fun treats in the gift shop. Oh, they have chocolate and cards too!

What does keeping your heart open mean to you?

I think it is about being empathetic and loving, no matter what is going on in your life. It is about asking questions and learning all I can before I make an opinion. It is easy for me to remain open when things are going well and everyone is getting along, but when I'm angry, sick, tired, or just don't understand, I have to work really hard at staying open. I have to remind myself to meet people where they are at, to try and understand their point of view, rather than jump to judging, criticizing, dismissing, and making them wrong. 
I want to work at opening my heart when I feel inclined to close it. I want to widen my circle. I want to know more people. I want to assume less. I want to have hard conversations. I want to get to know the people in my life even MORE.