Father's Day Weekend! Let's celebrate Dads!

Happy Father's Day to my Dad and to Pedar's Dad and to all the fathers out there supporting and loving their children and families!
If your lucky enough to be able to, this weekend ask your Dad why he is proud of you and then tell him why you are proud of him! Ask him what he has learned from you and then tell him what you have learned from him.

I really loved this video. These people were very brave. I don't think I could get the words out if I tried to tell my Dad why I am proud of him. I am proud of my Dad for many reasons.

My parents were very young when they got married, 21 and 22. They were very young parents, 22 and 23. My Dad is a Vietnam Veteran. He studied and became an Air Traffic Controller. He lost his job on August 3, 1981 along with 11,345 other controllers. I was six-years-old. I remember being on the news as one of the families interviewed. My parents had three daughters under 9-years-old, a mortgage and were hours away from their family members. But they stayed in Sacramento and they made it work. I am proud of the way my parents have shown me that you can always start again. 

I am proud of the way my Dad always provided for our family, by working two jobs and graveyard shifts and odd jobs. I am proud that he stopped drinking when I was 12-years-old. I am proud that he fought to stay married to my Mom. I am proud of him for helping others stay sober. I admire his faith in God and I admire how damn friendly he is to everyone. I admire his work with Veterans. I like that he is a straight shooter. I love his sense of humor and sharpness. I love that he really believes that hard work, can and will, solve most problems. I know he loves me and is proud of me and I am grateful that he has gotten more thoughtful and affectionate in his golden years. I love you, Dad.