Equal dignity in the eyes of the law

Celebrating!!!! ‪#‎MarriageEqualityForAll‬ ‪#‎LoveWins‬ ‪#‎SCOTUS
I was fortunate to attend Erin and Kelly's wedding last year. See  my crying face? This was the moment that Charlie, Erin's son, walked down to her. It was a beautiful day because of the way they love one another, their chidren, friends and family. We celebrated their commitment to one another.
I love that someday soon we will just say, "I'm going to a wedding." Not, I'm going to a gay wedding. A lot of little boys and girls grew up not knowing if they would ever be able to get married in front of their family and friends.I don't want to read about partners being blocked from hospitals rooms because their state or family members won't recognize them as their spouse.
I love that my kids already don't question if gay couples can get married. I love that when my friends kiss and hold hands, they just see two people being affectionate and don't question it at all. I love celebrating love. Isn't it all we want? To be loved and to love? YES!!! Now, let's focus on seeing one another as just humans that want to be happy. Stop hating. Stop judging. START LOVING and helping one another as much as we can.