Taking out and trimming trees

It was so HOT on Friday and Saturday. Erik and Curly found relief on the floor.
We decided to take out a terrible privet in the corner of the yard near the pool. We've been trimming it back every few months, so thankfully it wasn't too much of a monster. This is a throwback picture of how this area looked the day we got the keys in July 2013.

Pedar has mad circus balance skills--while holding a chainsaw. I don't like the chainsaw part, but I'm getting used to it, I better get used to the chainsaw, our yard needs a lot of its attention. Pedar had to jump over the fence into our neighbors yards so he could cut up branches and throw them back over. Several branches got stuck in the lines but we got them down.
It took several hours but we got it down to stumps.
Then we had to move all the branches out.
It was hot and dirty work. I'm grateful the boys are able to entertain themselves. We couldn't have gotten so much done when they were younger. We do feel bad about ignoring them for a few hours but we went swimming when we were done.
We are slowly clearing our yard of neglected trees and bushes. We have one very large tree we need to take out and a bunch of small privets and berries. I am looking forward to clearing that area next.

Erik helped for a little while.
Our new pole trimmer we purchased at Emigh Hardware is awesome. We needed this the day we moved in!  This pile behind our garage is huge. We need to cut it up and take  trips to the dump.