Chevo's Spicy Tuna Salad

Chevo and I dancing at Dick and Virginia Garcia's 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration at the Vizcaya in 2009.

Pedar was taught by our friend Chevo how to make this spicy tuna dish and we LOVE it! We make it often and think of Chevo and his magnetic and charming personality.We love you, Chevo!

Chevo’s Spicy Tuna Salad
-          1 package chunk light tuna in spring water (6.4oz pouch)
-          1 bunch of radishes, chopped (about 6 radishes)
-          ½ bunch of cilantro, chopped
-          1 fresh jalapeño, chopped
-          ½ lime, squeezed
-          2 tbsp mayonnaise

This recipe was handed-down, friend to friend, while talking about the love of jalapeños and all things HOT! Our dear friend Chevo Ramirez has shared much of his life and time over food – this being one of those awesome moments of culinary friendship. Long-story-short, Chevo made a list of these simple ingredients on a notepad at the office one day without any quantities included. That’s just the thing – you can’t mess this recipe up with incorrect amounts! It’s pure heat, pure Mexican culinary ingredients, and purely awesome. 

Don’t worry if your salad has too much radish or cilantro – those are small details. Pay attention to the jalapeño…respect the heat…and be sure to share this with friends! This recipe will make you dance like Chevo (if you’ve had the pleasure of ever witnessing his killer moves) and smile while you feel the heat the following hour.

  • In a mixing bowl, empty contents of one package of tuna in spring water.
  • Rinse your fresh radishes, cilantro and jalapeño pepper.
  • Roughly chop the radishes, mix with tuna – this is about 1 cup of radishes.
  • Tear off about half of a bunch of cilantro, roughly chop and mix in tuna.
  • Chop your jalapeño pepper, seeds and all, and mix into the tuna salad. Depending on your preference for heat, use more of less of the pepper.
  • Squeeze about ½ of one lime into the salad
  • Add about 2-3 tbsp mayo and mix
  • Serve as an appetizer with fresh tortilla chips and ENJOY!!