Fourth of July

We weren't home this weekend but our neighborhood has a Fourth of July parade every year, so we decorated our house a little bit. Our lawn is just about flammable now. I am grateful for our ivy that stays green no matter how long we're in a drought!
Pedar made little red, white and blue boxes to go over a strand of lights. We brought it with us to decorate the cabin.
The kids hung out upstairs -- but it was hot.
I made Janet her favorite Carrot "Crack" cake! She was very happy. 
Pink Time was AMAZING!
We had a great time with family in Tahoe.

Water balloon toss anyone?
We FaceTimed Lindsey! She is in South America for two weeks! We missed Megan, Sierra, Leif and girls too!
Happy hiker!
Gorgeous Quail Lake is being taken over by these water lilies.
Loved going on two hikes with Gavin and Annika. We are so excited that they will be living less than a mile from us in a month! Hurrah for moving!!