Friday while Casey was in camp, Erik and I had a little time to kill before we could pick him up. It wasn't crazy hot yet so we decided to go enjoy a few rides at Funderland.
First we stopped to see the really cool mural on Riverside. We watched the artist start painting it months ago and I wanted to see the finished product. It is beautiful!!
Erik is tall enough to ride all the rides by himself. Fortunately, he wanted me to ride with him, so I did! I love spending a little bit of 1:1 time with Erik. Doesn't happen very much. He is funny and kind. I love him so much.

The new swing ride was a hit!
He looks so tall all of a sudden. His shirts are getting too short again and he's growing out of his shoes, again. He woke up last night crying from leg pains. He's been getting them a lot lately. Poor kid.
Six and a half years old.
Had a great time making some fun memories. Feeling very grateful!