Code blue

I heard it today loud and clear. First I heard an alarm. And I thought, "I wasn't told we were running through a drill today." I opened my office door so I could hear more clearly, and I heard, "Code Blue, fourth floor ICU. Code Blue, fourth floor ICU." 

I heard the clinic doors to my right open and I saw a nurse run down the hallway. Just seeing her face you know something awful is happening. Someone's child was in serious danger and I couldn't help but feel like crying. So I prayed. Man did I pray. I prayed for the child, their parents and the doctors and nurses. "Please, oh please let this child be OK. Please oh please."

It is hard to concentrate after that code. What I was working on doesn't seem to matter. I am trying to regroup, but my thoughts keep going back to that child.  I am looking forward to going home tonight and hugging everyone a little longer. I'm going to forgive faster. I'm going to LOVE like a verb. I am going to make an ass out of myself for love. It is all we have. Life is so precious.