When I have a million projects that need to be done at work and home, I find the best thing to do is procrastinate and daydream. I like to just keep on building up the anxiety until it EXPLODES! Ha ha ha ha.

This past year we cleaned the side yard and we got a new fence.

Want to create this A/C unit screen.
I am going to plant hydrangeas on the side yard. It will be so pretty. They will love this shady spot.

I am also daydreaming about working on our front yard. We tookout the Monster Bush this year, but I really want to create a path from the street to the front door, put in pipe, drought tolerant plants and trim the trees and, and, and, and..... 
Need to take a newer front yard picture. We have decided to embrace the ivy. We got a crazy estimate to remove it, and with this awful drought, you have to appreciate a plant that stays green. We will just cut a path in the middle. I think I am going to add a fringe flower hedge behind the ivy to help create a line for where the yard starts. 
Look at this gorgeous yard.

The ideas from this blog are awesome. A path from the street will separate the front yard into two unique spaces. The space in front of the porch (love those larger porch posts--we need to box out ours too!) will be a grassy area, but a drought tolerant type of grass and the right side will be plants. I'm going to take a picture and try to draw my idea over the picture.

This time of year makes me itchy for gardening projects. I want to go to POW nursery and I want to trim all the things and spread bark and make the gardening magic happen!!!