Weekend Wrap-Up

This weekend went by so quickly. On Saturday I had a mini reunion with my friends from Western Health Advantage. We hung out by the pool and got caught up. It was so nice. On Sunday we hosted a brunch to see the Bailey crew. Hadn't really seen everyone since July and with school and soccer starting this week, I thought I should try to gather us all together. The kids are growing so quickly. Every time I see the kids they are so much bigger. After we enjoyed our brunch, we gathered outside to try and get some pictures.
It is super hard to make Rita stop for a picture.
Lila is saying, "Um, I don't think that is your drink Rita."
This guy cannot take a serious picture!!
Can't believe Rita is almost three-years-old and has been a year since they came back to town. 

I'm so grateful for the memories we made this morning. The kids loved playing and talking about what they are looking forward to for the school year. It is going to be a great year!