Weekend Wrap-Up

Friday. I barely remember Friday. I remember it was hot. We got home from work and made dinner and watched a movie with the kids. Come on, fall. Come on, already.
Early Saturday morning, Erik and his team (Go Vikings!) had their pictures taken and then played their first game. They won, 3-0. It was a great start to the season!!

We came home from soccer and started trimming the frontyard trees. 



Can you see me up in the tree? I think we will make some steps on the trunk so the kids can climb it. I was using a manual pole saw, but our neighbor drove by and offered us his electric pole saw. It made work much faster. I used the chainsaw to cut the branches into smaller pieces. Our awesome neighbor Brad had to go to the dump anyway, so the next morning he loaded our debris into his trailer and off he went. We can actually see across the street now. The branches hung so low, especially from the evergreen. Just something we've been wanting to do for two years.
 Erik at the dump! He found treasure!!
Later that evening we went to the Republic soccer game. My friends at WHA let Erik and our cute neighbors escorts players onto the field. Erik loved it! He escorted the other teams goalie, who was dressed all in pink. He was an awesome player too! Republic won!! It was a great game and it actually cooled off. We stayed till the end, so the next day we were all a little sleepy.
Erik is with the player in pink!
We had Jacob most of Saturday and all Sunday because Melanie is back in the Sheriff's academy, kicking butt. Woo Hoo!! We look forward to celebrating her graduation in 2016!!
The next morning, the fun continued!

It was the theme of the weekend. Lots of stick bombs and swimming. We made it over to Ancil Hoffman to fly planes for a bit with Brad and kids. I hiked the 3 mile loop while they flew planes. It was HOT. Had to get back in the pool with kids after that.
Hope everyone has a great week!!