Hard Work

Casey is trying out for the Jazz band on Friday. His teacher asked him to audition and he was excited. He feels like he may not be good enough, but we think if he practices a little more, he will be just fine. I'm not sure he wants to put in the work to learn the new songs. But I know he will be disappointed if he doesn't get in the jazz band. 

He wants something. He wants it to happen. He wishes he could just get into jazz band with the skills he has right now, but he needs to practice more. He has to do the work. 

Yep. Work is what makes it happen. Whatever your IT is.We may not always want to do the work. But if we want things to change, we have to work at it.

He only has two more days to practice. I don't want him to have any regrets. If he puts in the work and still doesn't get in, than he'll be OK. I just know that when I didn't prepare enough for something, and I flopped, I only had me to blame.  And that feeling sucks.

There are only so many opportunities. I want him to learn to be ready to pounce when they are presented.