Just in case

Fear. The phrase, "Just in case" and "I may need that" is FULL of FEAR.

I cleaned out my closet yesterday. I let go of a lot of clothes that I never liked. I never felt good in the clothes I placed in the donate bags. So what I was I doing? Keeping them just in case I needed an outfit that didn't make me feel confident? 

"Hey Nora, what are you wearing tonight?"

"Oh you know that skirt that shows my spider veins and makes my butt look really flat? And the top that makes my rolls look more pronounced?"

What the what? No thanks. I'd rather only have 10 items that I feel good in and let go of the rest.

It is hard to look at the two bags of clothes that I should have never bought. But I have to let that guilt go too. I don't want that stuff blocking the view from the items that I actually like. Maybe someone else can enjoy these clothes. If I can help someone else with my impulse purchases, not all is lost.

My closet is organized. I'm happy I spent some time cleaning and lightening my house.