Sunday night we were all tired. We stayed up late Saturday having fun with friends. We worked outside in the heat on Sunday most of the day. I wanted to be done parenting, feeding, preparing and cleaning. But I wasn't done. I was cleaning up dinner and making lunches. Casey sat down with some cookies and milk at the table and seconds later the milk was everywhere.  I didn't yell. I told Casey to grab a towel and start cleaning up. But I was breathing hard and visibly upset. 

Erik, who had been somewhere in the back of the house, came out, saw me and said, "Are you frustrated Mom?"  I told him, yes, I was frustrated, but not at Casey or anyone. I was just upset at the mess and I was tired. Erik walked over  and hugged me and told me it was going to be OK.

Erik was right. I found some energy in my reserves and read to Casey for a bit. It was good for us to have a cuddle and a good read. 

We can respond with love and kindness. We just have to practice.