Stitch Fix number 3

I received my third Stitch Fix box this week. I made a note online to the stylist that for this fix I wanted dark jeans, black pants and a jacket or cardigan in preparation for cooler weather. It is 106 today. Where are you cool weather? Where are you???

 Love the black pants and fun top. 
You can't really tell, but these are dark, skinny jeans. They are a little tight, but with the right top, they will be great. This fix included the necklace and cardigan as well. I love the necklace but the asymmetrical cardigan didn't look great zipped or unzipped, so I sent it back.

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Stitch Fix 1 post 
Stitch Fix 2 post

Oh! Had to share that I picked up my new glasses today! I've had reading glasses for several years now but Pedar's recent new glasses inspired me to go get an eye exam. It had been four years since my last exam and wowza, my prescription has changed quite a bit. I've been noticing on my drive home from work how tired my eyes are and I've also had to enlarge the font on my phone A LOT. As soon as I put the glasses on there was a HUGE improvement in how much I could see! Woot Woot.

I worked with a film production crew all day yesterday at the hospital. They are creating a short video for us to show the world the magic that happens within these hospital walls. So many people have no idea where Shriners is (across the street from UC Davis Hospital since 1997!!) or what kinds of care we provide children. I am really hoping this video helps us get the word out, so our community can brag about the awesome work that happens at the hospital, and children that have a condition we can help find there way to Shriners!!

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I am so lucky to work hereHave a great weekend everyone!